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Mississippi River Summer Cruises

The Mississippi River and its tributaries reach from Minnesota's Lake Itasca, its source in the North to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico in the South. Winding its way through ten U.S. states, the Mississippi River has played witness and host to nearly every major event in American history including the Civil War and the rise of American music.  

Experience the gracious hospitality of the American South aboard two luxurious, new paddlewheelers; Queen of the Mississippi and American Eagle. Choose from ten unique cruise itineraries with departures from New Orleans, Memphis, St. Paul, Cincinnati, or Nashville with cruises between one to three weeks. Discover the people and communities that shaped America with this 2015 Mississippi River Summer Cruise Collection. 

 Soulful Sounds

Jazz Saxaphone    A journey along the Mississippi River allows you to experience the heart and soul of American music. Enjoy live performances on board and see local musicians on the streets of Memphis and New Orleans as they play the soulful rhythms of a wide range of musical styles. 

We offer two special music themed cruises, New Orleans round trip and New Orleans to Memphis, that celebrate the rich tradition and legacy of music on the Mississippi. Whether you fancy old-time bluegrass and jazz or rock n' roll and country, our music cruises cover a toe-tapping spectrum of sound.


Savory Cuisine

Steak    Berkshire pork, gulf shrimp and southern BBQ's are just a sampling of the treats your taste buds will experience on a Mississippi River cruise. Blending the rich heritage of Cajun, Creole, French and American cultures produces a culinary experience you will never forget. From mouth-watering Memphis BBQ ribs to artisan cheeses from local dairy farms in Wisconsin, you will dine on some of the finest food America has to offer. 

American Cruise Lines' sustainable cuisine initiative is featured prominently in our Cruise Local. Eat Local. mission. Supporting farmer's markets, using sustainable ingredients and procuring the freshest produce from the nearest locales allow us to offer you a fine dining experience. During summer you can experience the full flavor of this region on our Memphis to New Orleans Culinary Cruise. 

Scenic Sights

Cruise the Upper Mississippi River
  Cruising the mighty Mississippi River presents some of the most beautiful scenery in America. From the Gulf of Mexico to the shores of the Great Lakes, this famous waterway spans a scenic panorama you can't find anywhere else. Enjoy cruising the beautiful waters of the deep South, the hearty Midwest and the scenic North during the summer months to gain a true appreciation of this natural wonder.

Along the Mississippi River you will make stops in exciting ports-of-call and experience guided shore excursions that include historic plantation homes including Rosewood and Houmas House. Enjoy views of the rolling farmland of the Midwest to the untouched forests of Minnesota.  


New Orleans to Memphis

Travel an intriguing cruise from the heart of the Bayou to the center of Memphis. This eight-day river cruise guides you along the shores of Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee and features stops in historic ports-of-call. 

Enjoy guided shore excursions that include trips to historic southern plantations including Oak Alley and The Myrtles, where you'll tour carefully preserved Antebellum homes that tell the unique story of this region's past.

This cruise is also great for music lovers who will have the opportunity to experience the birthplace of jazz and rock n' roll.

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New Orleans Round Trip

Take a scenic journey that touches on the Mississippi delta with this round trip cruise. This eight-day river cruise guides you along the shores of Louisiana and Mississippi and gives you an authentic taste of the deep south.

This eight-day paddlweheel river boat cruise offers amazing sights and great guided shore excursions that include tours of Oak Alley Plantation and the historic Houmas House. 

The lower Mississippi River provides a quintessential summer landscape complete with gentle shore breezes and bright sunshine. Your cruise will take you into the heart of the deep south where you can experience the lazy days of summer in luxurious comfort. 

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Memphis to St. Louis

Enjoy a fascinating journey through the heart and soul of America as we take you to Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri. This cruise of the mid-Mississippi is full of stunning scenery and intriguing shore excursions.

Join a narrated walking tour through the quaint town of New Madrid, delight in a guided passage through the historic district of Paducah City and take a tram ride up to the top of the 630 foot tall Gateway Arch. 

The middle region of the Mississippi during summer captures the beauty of the American heartland complete with river front forests full of sycamore, maple and pecan trees, wading birds and weeping willows. Your summer cruise through this region will also offer a glimpse of the varied wildlife native to the area.

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St. Louis to St. Paul

Cruise the upper Mississippi on this exciting tour through Missouri, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Featuring winding channels, this cruise offers a front row seat to the beauty of this region. Enjoy eight days and seven nights experiencing the sights and sounds that inspired American author, Mark Twain.

Highlights of this cruise include a tour of the Mark Twain home in Hannibal, a visit to the newly renovated John Deere Pavilion and a complimentary excursion to the historic Hixon House that captures the architecture and decor of the late 19th century.

The upper region of the Mississippi River during summer offers a refreshing journey through scenic small town America. Travelling through the Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota waterways provide fascinating insight into the rural heart of America. 

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 St. Louis - St. Paul Cruise Map