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Fall Foliage Cruise Collection

Independence Hudson River Fall Foliage

One of our favorite times of year is autumn - a time when trees change colors, reflecting the passage of time from season to season. Join American Cruise Lines on one of our Fall Cruises, especially planned to showcase the natural beauty of this wonderful season.

Several cruise itineraries are available with fall dates, providing you with peak foliage timing so your cruise is as spectacularly beautiful as possible. Cruise through Puget Sound, travel along the Columbia & Snake Rivers, or learn about the rich history of the Hudson River, all while enjoying gorgeous fall foliage surrounding your ship.

Mt. Hood in the Fall
Queen of the West passes Mount Hood on Columbia River cruise

Puget Sound & San Juan Islands

Cruise through the majestic scenery of the Pacific Northwest on this fall foliage cruise.

October 3 - November 7, 2015

Columbia & Snake Rivers

Explore these legendary rivers during the height of their beauty during the autumn season.

October 2015

Hudson River Fall Foliage Cruises

Hudson River Fall Foliage

Travel along the Hudson River in the fall and stop in illuminating ports like West Point and Catskill.

September - October 2015

Chesapeake Bay Cruises

Cruise the rich maritime history of the Chesapeake Bay as we cruise round-trip from Baltimore, MD.

October 30, 2015

Sunrise Over Farmland on Upper Mississippi River

American Cruise Lines' Queen of the West

Upper Mississippi River Foliage

Cruise the Upper Mississippi River from St. Louis to St. Paul during the height of the fall foliage season. 
October 17, 2015


St. Louis to New Orleans Foliage cruise

Cruise the length of the Mississippi from St. Louis to New Orleans and experience the unique foliage of the Upper Mississippi. 
October 24, 2015


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