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  When it comes to popular seafood, few items can match blue crab. Chesapeake Bay is known throughout the world as the blue crab capital and this ocean delicacy has had a tremendous impact on the culture and heritage of the region. The crab harvest constitutes the most important economic fishery for both Maryland and Virginia bringing in millions of dollars a year for local fishermen. 

On our Chesapeake Bay Crabfest cruises you will have the chance to sample the tasty blue crab while learning more about the culinary and economic importance of the Callinectes sapidus, or "beautiful swimmer". Through tours of maritime museums and national seaports and guided trips through Baltimore and Crisfield, The "Crab Capital of the World", you'll learn everything you could ever want to know about Atlantic Blue Crab and the industry that made it famous. 

Chesapeake Bay Cruises

The largest estuary in the United States, Chesapeake Bay flows around the borders of three states: Virginia, Delaware and Maryland. Within these fresh and salt waterways are an abundant supply of fresh blue crab that people travel thousands of miles to get a taste of. 

As you travel along the harbor and bays, you will get a full view of the culture and historical significance of this region. From a trolley tour through colonial Williamsburg to a visit to the United States Naval Academy, this cruise offers intriguing shore excursions.

2017 Cruise Dates: May 6, 13 and 27
   Chesapeake Bay Crabfest Cruise Map


Crab Facts to Chew On


* Male crabs have blue claws and female crabs have red-tipped claws

* The blue crab is the most sought after shellfish in the mid-Atlantic region and is caught both commercially and recreationally

* Blue crabs range from Nova Scotia to Argentina along the Atlantic Coast.

* At the start of the 2014 crabbing season, there were approximately 68.5 million adult age female crabs in Chesapeake Bay

* Blue crabs are major predators of benthic communities and are prey for many other fish species

Cruise the Chesapeake Bay from Baltimore  Annapolis Naval Academy Cadets  Hooper Lighthouse 

Cruise Highlights: Baltimore, Yorktown, Williamsburg, Tangier Island, LaGrange Plantation, Oxford,
St. Michaels, Annapolis, Crisfield, Cambridge and more

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Customer Testimonials
  • "Every time we take a cruise with ACL we learn  so many new things about the region."
    Clifford Z.

  • "Great room for a single person. I also thought the cocktail hour was a real plus and the food was great."
    Larry W. 

  • "This was our seventh sailing with ACL - it and all others have been terrific!"
    William and Emma W.

  • 'Well organized all the way. We had a great time."
    Douglas and Karen H.

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