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In-Depth Excursions on the Upper Mississippi River

by User Not Found | May 02, 2013

All American Cruise Lines cruise itineraries feature shore excursions unlike anything you might have experienced before. Whether you’re enjoying the wineries of the Columbia River region or exploring the shops in Martha’s Vineyard, every cruise has something for everyone. The Upper Mississippi area is no exception to this rule, featuring a number of fascinating stops that will delight passengers. Here are just some of those hotspots:

Mark Twain’s Hometown of Hannibal, MO

Learn about the life and times of Mark Twain during an exclusive tour of Hannibal, MO, featuring stops at his childhood home, the Becky Thatcher house and the Museum Gallery.

Cruises: St. Louis to St. Paul  
Mark Twain Missississippi River Cruises 

National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY

Perfect for the quilter in your travel group, Paducah, KY, is known as the quilting capital of the USA! Stop by the National Quilting Museum to learn more about the history and craftsmanship behind this popular activity.

Cruises: Nashville to St. Louis, St. Louis to Cincinnati, Memphis to St. Louis 
Quilt City USA on Small Ship Cruise 

Fort Donelson National Military Park in Dover, TN

Military buffs will be in awe of the history of Fort Donelson National Military Park, considered to be one of the most important battlegrounds during the American Civil War.

Cruises: Memphis to Nashville

Cannon at Fort Donelson 



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