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The Small Ship Alternative

by Jon Taylor | Apr 25, 2013

The first thing that might come to mind when you think of cruising is an enormous cruise ship in a tropical setting carrying thousands of people. However, bigger does not always mean better, and this rings even truer now than ever! Small ship cruising is an alternative to the massive floating cities in the sea – a smaller, calmer, and more upscale alternative. Today, discover small ship cruising done perfectly in the United States with American Cruise Lines.

Designed to navigate rivers and inland waterways, small ship cruises typically hold 200 passengers or less and offer an intimate and unique cruise experience with up-close and personal appeal. Not to mention, all-inclusive rates and personalized service.  Often times the small ships can dock right in the harbor of unique ports which larger ships cannot fit into.

NY River CruisesWith American Cruise Lines, know that you have the luxury of making any small ship or river cruise, your cruise. The beauty of small ship cruising (aside from the unique destinations, distinctions and safety benefits) is the personalized service. Want a tee-time arranged for you on Hilton Head? Done. Have a specific spirit in mind that you’d like to have aboard? Done. Want friends in port to join you for dinner aboard the ship? Done. Require gluten-free, sugar-free meals? No problem. Care to enjoy breakfast on your private verandah? You’ve got it.  Bringing grand children with you and want connecting rooms and specialized configuration of furniture? Easy. Those are just some examples of the many different ways a small ship line can personalize your cruise. 

Fine dining is a given, while an open-seating plan allows you to choose where and with whom you’d like to sit. Aboard American Cruise Lines, meals are cooked to order, and feature the finest and freshest ingredients and locally-sourced meats. Enjoy beer and wine with dinner, included, and even a complimentary cocktail hour featuring top-shelf liquor and a delicious assortment of hors d’oeuvres.

Another fantastic element of a small ship cruise is that it lends itself to onboard camaraderie. Guests find themselves among like-minded people, sharing similar backgrounds, professions, interests and hobbies…and most of all, they seek the same type of cruise experience – one which is relaxing, elegant, and offers a mix of pure travel and a fun vacation. On a small ship cruise, people discover (and rediscover) unique destinations, explore history and cultures, and see the most beautiful sights America has to offer.  

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  1. Betty Heibeck | May 01, 2013
    looking forward to Puget Sound and then 11 day to Juneau at the end of the month.  will be ACL cruised 43 and 44 I think

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